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From an early age Stacy loved fashionable clothing. Her maternal grandmother worked as a clothing designer and created much of her elementary school clothing. A bit eccentric among her classmates, Stacy loved wearing velvet blazers, fashionable silk dresses, cashmere sweaters trimmed with luxurious lace, and sophisticated jackets.

Stacy’s grandmother’s influence was apparent throughout her early life. When visiting, Stacy’s grandmother would convene impromptu painting ateliers set to the music of Pavarotti. After initially studying computer science at the University of Vermont, Stacy was moved to immerse herself in the world of art. She eventually attended the highly respected Massachusetts College of Art to indulge her passion for art, creativity, and design.

In school, Stacy proved herself a natural designer. Trained as a sculptor, her years of studying anatomy, architectural structures, and color theory proved highly influential aspects of her fashion design aesthetics. For five years Stacy has designed celebrity red carpet gowns, cocktail dresses, everyday wear, and custom costumes. Her pieces can be seen on the red carpet, in editorial magazine spreads, and advertising campaigns.

Additional examples of her custom designs can be seen throughout Stacy’s portfolio. Recent custom designs have been featured in Bare Essentials, Toyota, and 24 Hour Fitness campaigns. Read Style Loves Adventure’s feature on Julie Frost’s gown.