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In the front row of a small Somerset House exhibition space I watched the international debut of Dion Lee’sSequence Breathing‘ during Fashion Week London.  In a powerful collection of fifteen garments Lee explored the themes of breathing and movement. Unlike shows in the Courtyard Show Space, the interior rooms of the Somerset House inspire designers to create unique exhibition experiences. ‘Sequence Breathing’ did not disappoint.

Sequence Breathing‘ was centered on a video study in movement and form. Models swayed larger than life in projections on a massive screen. Lee’s clothing draped and flowed organically with the models as they flowed though the frame. High contrast lighting made their movements highly dramatic and highlighted Lee’s signature use of draping, tailoring, and form.

Live models following a kidney shaped path circled the screen. With each step the models inserted breath, rhythm, and sensuality into each garment. It was all set to music, mysterious, hypnotic, and beautiful.

Since his international debut, Lee continues to create sensual statements from a combination of powerful draping, the use of sensual material, and working of dramatic forms. Dion Lee never disappoints.


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