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Eyewear as a Fashion Statement

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One of the cornerstones of being stylish is authenticity. A great personal fashion statement is not about following trends it is about discerning trends, editing from the mass of fashion possibilities those things that make your personal fashion statement truly authentic. Great eyewear is one powerful and unique way to pull together your personal sense of style.

Whether you want to appear sophisticated, conservative, or creative, the right eyewear can shape how you are perceived. Updating your sunglasses, prescription eyewear, or adding a pair of non-prescription glasses to your wardrobe is a simple, inexpensive way to update and redefine your style. As each of our identities is multifaceted, multiple pairs of eyewear for all aspects of your life and personal style are a must.

Silver Lining Opticians is one of my all time favorite sources for high quality, limited edition, and vintage eyewear. This store is first on my list for sourcing unique eyewear for celebrities, editorial fashion shoots, advertising campaigns, and for my own personal collection. As an individual with over 30 pieces of personal eyewear, I only want the best, most unique eyewear on the market. Building a relationship with Silver Linings is the best way to ensure that your sense of style is defined by the most stylish and unique vintage eyewear available.

Nestled in a warm and welcoming storefront across from Thompson Square Park in the Soho section of NYC, Silver Lining is an easy place to linger over eyewear for a while. It takes a while to fully investigate their unworn, previously unreleased, collection of vintage eyewear. You will find Dior, Balenciaga, Persol, Versace, and eyewear from many significant vintage designers. Armed with knowledge in the history of fashion, the evolution of quality optics, and current style trends, Silver Lining owners Eric Sacher and Jordan Silver, are constantly sourcing new vintage.

As if the finest collection of vintage eyewear is not enough, Silver Lining also has an impressive collection of eyewear from the best contemporary designers. Eric and Jordan have strict policy not to sell large mass marketed brands. Their offering of contemporary eyewear is carefully curated. Every brand they sell is carefully selected based upon its provenance, design, features, and quality. Their desire to market truly unique, well made, and stylish contemporary eyewear is unsurpassed. They are so passionate about presenting only the best quality eyewear, they even created their own line to satisfy the needs of the most discerning eyewear collectors.

In partnership with Lee Allen Eyewear, Silver Lining Opticians has produced the New American Collection made entirely by hand in the United States. Their first offering is The Cloutier. The glasses are made of Mazzucchelli zyl acetate, with seven barrel riveted hinges, and true mineral glass lenses. Each piece is individually numbered and limited to an edition of 50. At a price of $450.00 pair they are truly an affordable piece of handmade luxury. Silver Lining will soon be offering a less expensive vintage inspired signature line produced in small batches. I recently tried on a prototype and they are beautiful in everyway. When they go to market, I will certainly be one of the first to own a pair!

Beyond the Silver Lining store is the Silver Lining Studio. Tucked away on Thompson Street, (approachable with the correct password and a map of beautiful little Soho corridors), the Studio is a meticulously clean and organized workspace full of refurbished vintage eyewear machines. The Silver Lining Studio can custom cut vintage glass lenses, resurface frames to a matte finish, heat treat lenses, and personalize frames with initials or messages using their hot stamping machine.

Eric and Jordan are about selling the best product to the right person. They are quick with an honest opinion about how glasses look on you and function for you. This is not a shop just to buy a quick pair of glasses; this is a shop from which to build your personal eyewear collection.


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