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Sexy and Eco-Conscious Style

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Sex appeal exists when fabric divulges the body to us in provocative little reveals. The cut of a dress dancing playfully around a woman’s curves, taunting us with subtle exposures of flesh, and ultimately unfolding in a narrative of power coupled in mystery. The Linda Loudermilk clothing line is sexy, edgy, and expressive.

While working on a photo shoot with photographer Florian Geiss, I went to Linda’s West Hollywood showroom to pull wardrobe for our fashion story. Her eco-conscious materials are exquisite. Everything looks very sexy on the body without being too revealing or form fitting. The garments are superior in quality, design and craftsmanship. As a fashion designer with a background in sculpture, her jewelry is as aggressive, sexy, and as beautiful as her clothes.

After being seduced by Linda Loudermilk’s fashion, it is easy to submit to her environmentally conscious sensibilities. Linda trademarked the term luxury eco™, defining herself as the first designer to create an eco-responsible luxury fashion brand. Loudermilk refuses to work with companies that use pesticides or toxic processes. Everything she makes comes from a sustainable source. Many of the organic textiles in her line she developed and are woven from natural sources like bamboo, SeaCell® (seaweed) and Ingeo™ (corn).

The Loudermilk commitment to environmental responsibility has established her as the authority in eco-conscious fashion. Luxury eco™ has become the new fashion industry standard for products that are not only eco-friendly, but are also superior in quality, design and craftsmanship. It is the only true luxury certification in the fashion industry.

Photography: Florian Geis
Styling: Stacy Quackenbush
Hair/Makeup: Geraldine G Shaker-Kekati

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