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Horn-rimmed eyeglasses are traditionally made out of either horn or tortoise shell, but most contemporary horned-rimmed glasses are constructed from thick polymer plastics designed to imitate those materials. This is not the case with Rigards Eyewear, every pair is inspired by the color, grain, and thickness of a hand selected piece of horn. The horns are the by-product of water buffalo reared on small African farms and harvested especially for Rigards. This eco-sensitive approach to eyewear is bio-compostable, visually beautiful, and a clever means of recycling.

The unique Sanjuro surface treatment applied to every frame further enhances the bold styling of Rigards Eyewear. Sanjuro is a sophisticated surface technique, adapted from the Japanese sword making tradition, and is exclusive to the Rigards Eyewear line. Each frame is made by an individual artisan and every frame style is created in small hand made and numbered editions. If you appreciate fine craftsmanship, unconventional styling, and the vintage sensibilities associated with horn-rimmed glasses, you will adore Rigards Eyewear.


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